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this is glorious. 


gilmore girls appreciation week

day five: favorite scenes | 2. i’m going to give you that orange sweater, i know you’ve wanted it…

This scene makes me cry every freaking time.


Gilmore Girls Appreciation Week 2014

day six: favorite quotes - "too many comebacks; i cannot pick."


rory and jess


Go on buzzfeed and see for yourself. Message me your result!  
*I got 10/13, I chose one of emily’s lines for Richards, Jess’s line for Paris, and I didn’t get Micheal’s line. 

Click here for quiz!


Gilmore Girls Appreciation Week 2014

day three: favorite relationship(s) - rory & jess | luke & lorelai


Our main man was on buzzfeed. Represent!

I love how much Gilmore Girls has been on buzzfeed lately! 


Well…Luke’s is not very ‘hip’ and Luke himself is pretty strict with a pretty low tolerance for ‘kids’ so I can’t imagine it would’ve been much fun for them to go there. Maybe they all go to Al’s Pancake World haha ;)

Mhmm Als is where it’s at ;p

My friend just started watching Gilmore girls, and she was loving Dean, and I’m just sitting here like - just wait girl- and then she gets to season 3, and she’s texting me watching the ‘Dance Marathon’ episode like ‘Omg I loovee Jess”

And now i’m so happy we can fangirl over Jess Mariano together!